Norka Luque Future Is As Bright As The Sun According To Emilio Estefan

***UPDATE: August 24th, 2016
Norka Luque has just announced several new dates for her upcoming tour. This is big news and the tickets will sell out quickly, so check out the links below to learn more and grab your tickets.

Singers come and go in the recording industry. Many of the recent pop singers are “one-hit wonders,” but no one can say that about Venezuelan artist, Norka Luque. Norka’s voice is burning up dance floors in Latin America like a blazing forest fire in the Western part of the United States. Norka has the credentials to be a rock superstar and with the help of Emilio Estefan, that rock star status is just inches away. Norka released her first dance single in 2011. The single, “How Can I Do It” was an instant dance hit in the Latino world. Norka was nominated for the best pop female vocalist award in 2011, and doors began to open that had been closed in the past.

Norka gives most of the credit for her success to Emilio Estefan and Archie Pena, one of the top composers in Latino music. But Pena and Estefan refuse to take the credit. The men say Norka’s voice is the magic behind her success. Norka’s life story comes out in her music. She has the panache and the appeal that few singers have at this point in their career. Estefan told an interviewer recently that he decided to work with Norka because she has the raw talent that singers like Gloria Estefan, Shakira, and Natalia Jiménez have. She was born to be a singer and not an ordinary singer, according to Estefan. Archie Pena describes Norka this way: “She’s a superstar, and most of the world doesn’t even know it yet.”

It’s true. Norka is a superstar, but she wasn’t always recognized for her raw talent. She developed her singing style in France while she was taking business administration courses. She joined a small group and played the small dance clubs around the French countryside hoping for a break. But the break never came until she went to a Ricky Martin concert. At that concert, she saw herself on stage with Ricky. She knew it was a dream, but she had to follow it. Norka Luque moved to Miami and began singing in dance clubs around along the strip. Her reputation grew as more Latinos talked about her and her unusual sound. The word got back to Emilio Estefan, and he made a point to hear her sing. It only took one song, for Estefan to offer Norka a record deal. Estefan called Archie Pena, and the rest of the Norka’s amazing story is still evolving. Norka is a bright star with a loyal Latino following, and that following continues to grow in the United States.

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