George Soros Attends Conference To Plan Opposition For Trump

Rich liberals including George Soros spent small fortunes in the recent election as they worked together to propel Hillary Clinton into the presidency, but their plans went awry when the election produced surprising results as Donald Trump was given the title of President-Elect. The wealthy liberals gathered together for a meeting Sunday at the Mandarin […]

Helane Morrison is My Kind of Hero

In an article from January 19, 2016 on the Project Eve website, “How Helane Morrison is Shattering the Glass Ceiling in the Corporate World,” Jordan Taylor explains how one woman made it through the corporate jungle and demolished the glass ceiling. Helane Morrison started as a journalism student at Northwestern University and is now a […]

Substantiating some of the myths about Koch network

Koch brothers who include David H. Koch and Charles G. Koch carry out their political activities through both financial and political influence. The control is viewed by many as both, directly and indirectly, include secretly funding to block Obama initiatives such as health reform and trade. Koch brothers are sons of Fred C. Koch, who […]

Koch agrees with Sanders on some issues

Charles Koch and Bernie Sanders are at opposite ends of the political spectrum, but there are a couple of items that Koch agrees with Sanders. In an Op-Ed article in the Washington Post, Koch said he agrees with Sanders on income inequality and that the judicial system needs to be reformed. How they solve those […]