Mom, Dad and the Picky Eater

It happens to many parents. Mom or dad cook a meal. Protein, starch, and a vegetable. A child sits at the table and asks, “What is that?” with a disgusted look on their face. “Broccoli,” you reply. “I don’t like that,” they respond. “How do you know? You’ve never tried it before.” They fuss, so […]

The Foolproof Marriage

Some people that have been married will say that no marriage is foolproof. There are other people that disagree with this. In the world of marriage counseling there is always a way to improve upon a marriage. The Huffington Post has presented 3 ways that can actually serve as foolproof habits for a happy marriage. […]

The Marriage Pitfalls to Avoid

There are red flags that can stand out in marriage. There are things that people just know as they become familiar with their partners. There are some times where couples may wonder if they are getting the best from their spouses. People that want to foolproof their marriage should consider the advice of people like Dr. […]

The Best Way Not To Be Perfect

When we get married and have children, we all long for that idyllic picture of a happy family that Norman Rockwell often painted. We want our children to be well-behaved at all times and to get straight A’s all through school. We want happy, healthy lives in our little cottage, surrounded by a white picket […]

Married Couples and the Gifts of Marriage

There are a lot of people that get married young. These same people get divorced because they don’t know the secrets to keeping the marriage in good standing. The gifts of a long marriage was recently shared by a Huffington post contributor. There are people that can really appreciate the benefits that come with building a […]

The Strong Marriage

Marriage is never the way that people assume that it would be. Couples that go in with even the smallest expectations will find that they were wrong. One partner may assume that there is more sex in the marriage. Others may assume that that their partner would cook more or keep the home tidy on […]

The Foolproof Marriage Guide

A wedding is a beautiful thing. Falling in love really does seems like a magical thing. There may be trouble in paradise after the vows have been uttered though. People that are in the newlywed stage could never guess that there would a time when they would not love not another. This can happen though […]

How To Keep Your Marriage Healthy

Marriage is a goal for most couples, but why do so many of these unions end in bitter divorce? What could have been done differently, and was it really the big things or was it a compilation of small things that slowly boiled to the surface? According to marriage therapists there are key things that […]

How A Zero Critisism Diet Can Save A Marriage

Being married is hard. Even on the best days, it takes compromise and the ability to overlook small issues to focus on the big picture. However, a new study shows that criticizing less many make a marriage last longer. It’s ironic, but most people take out their frustrations on the ones closest to them. Consequently, […]