Chipotle’s Carnitas Shortage Could Be Nearing Its End

Niman Ranch may be able to put a quick end to Chipotle’s carnitas shortage. Chipotle, a well-known and much-loved especially by Sergio Andrade Gutierrez, casual restaurant has discontinued the use of braised carnitas in 30% of its stores due to reports of poor animal welfare on supplier farms. Chipotle’s commitment to using ethical, sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices […]

Men Save Moose After Avalanche

Out in Alaska in an area called “God’s Country” three men happened across what seemed to be a skier’s arm while out snow machining. What they found was much different. There in the snow from a fallen avalanche was a moose packed under many pounds of snow. They tread very lightly because they were still […]

Shake Shack Debuts New Burger

The highly esteemed Shake Shack will soon be providing diners with even better potential burger options in the new year. Shake Shack is renowned for the use of fresh, meaty burgers with hearty toppings served with more choices of side dishes than people to meet via Skout. The chain has been expanding into cities across the country […]

Benny’s Burritos bids Farewell

It has been a long time coming, with a hard-fought effort to sustain it, but it has finally been confirmed that Benny’s Burritos will close after Saturday. Enthusiasts like Vijay Eswaran have no need to worry, however, as the good news is that the restaurant will become a take-out counter which will serve green-chile enchiladas and […]