Yummy, Easy Meals Even Picky Kids Will Love

Being a parent is never easy, and when it comes to meals, sometimes a huge battle ensues over getting a picky eater to eat. There are many reasons why a kid may be a poor eater, from being served portions too large by their parents or simply by stubbornness alone, but every parent can agree […]

The Death of Sugary Drinks

It is not unknown that sugary drinks are not good for your health. However, no companies really put this little piece of information on the actual product. San Francisco may be the first city to place health warning on advertisements for sugary drinks. By advertising the sugary drinks, there is a link created between the […]

The Healthy Benefits of Beneful Dog Food

Not only are pet owners today paying more attention to the foods they consume, they are carefully watching what ingredients go into the foods their dog eats as well. With so much information at our fingertips, it is very easy to compare one brand to another, choosing the one with the more nutritious ingredients. Beneful […]

Potassium is Essential For Your Teenage Child

Parents should ensure that the diet that their teenagers take should contain adequate amount of potassium. The benefit from a diet rich in potassium include protection from severe diseases such as hypertension in adulthood. A number of studies recently have confirmed that potassium controls blood pressure in humans. The research report released by JAMA Pediatrics […]

Does ADHD Cause Binge Eating

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, ADHD, is a condition that afflicts many children. The common assumptions focus on the behavior problems at school or home. Essentially, concerns center on the young ones “acting up”, misbehaving, or failing to concentrate due to the condition. Recent studies show children with ADHD could be at high risk for another […]

Eggs May Help Prevent Diabetes

Remember how everyone was saying that you shouldn’t eat eggs and how they can be bad for your body? For a while there was news out that eggs were harmful when consumed too often or in too large of quantities, and that still may be the case, but there is new research out now in […]

Healthy Lunches in School

School lunches are usually not filled with foods that students like to eat. Many children take their lunch to school, and these lunches often include chips, cookies and other foods that aren’t ideal to eat every day. If a cafeteria workercan work with a chef in order to prepare meals, then there might be a […]

Warning labels on sodas?

According to an article on grubstreet.com , the City of San Francisco in conjunction with the County itself are proposing to require sodas to start carrying a warning label on the side. This warning would include a message about the dangers of sugar and the contributions it plays towards obesity and other diseases. Camara reported […]

McDonald’s Banning Antiobiotic Use in Nuggets

McDonald’s plans to start using chickens raised without antibiotics that affect human health and milk from cows not treated with the artificial growth hormone rbST. Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG said the company said they will slowly implement the changes over the next two years. Facebook advertisers and suppliers can continue to use a type of […]