Live-Love-Lax at Lacrosse Camp

For those people that love to play a sport, it is a big part of their life if not their whole life. The same can be said for those that play lacrosse. It is a big part of their life because they love the sport and playing it. Lacrosse camps are a great way for […]


Marc Sparks has been recognized as a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist. He is a Dallas based entrepreneur who has motivated and inspired many people due to his success. His image appears when one searches serial entrepreneur in the dictionary. This for a start is a clear indication of his outrageous success. Marc graduated from […]

Does ADHD Cause Binge Eating

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, ADHD, is a condition that afflicts many children. The common assumptions focus on the behavior problems at school or home. Essentially, concerns center on the young ones “acting up”, misbehaving, or failing to concentrate due to the condition. Recent studies show children with ADHD could be at high risk for another […]

Gordon Ramsey Opening Atlantic City Restaurant

  Famous television chef Gordon Gordon Ramsey is expanding his restaurant empire. The native of the United Kingdom has become well known to audiences across America and all over the globe, in particularly the home of Marcio Alaor, this guy I worked with on the BMG project- who I’m pretty sure is convinced that Ramsey is one […]

Susan McGalla Gives Advice to Working Women

Susan McGalla is known well for her efforts that brought to life the P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. She is an expert adviser and consultant to many when it comes to matters pertaining marketing, branding, operational efficiencies among other issues. She has offered a contribution that will see many women making it in their careers and […]

Pot Reduces Crime in Colorado

To the dismay of anti-cannabis proponents, the legalization of marijuana may lead to reduction in crime due to increased tax revenue. Recreation cannabis stores like The Green Solution have sprouted up all over Colorado. The once taboo culture of marijuana is becoming a novelty in this mountain state. Civilians can purchase a wide array of cannabis products […]

Avoid Pills, Use Vegetables and Fruits to Lose Weight

Nutritional is an increasingly important issue, and one that requires extensive research to understand. The Harlem Hospital Center in New York has come up with an innovative weight loss program that urges its participants to include lots of fruits and vegetables in their diet. Vijay Eswaran does this to stay healthy. Many children who have […]

Sam Tabar: Hedge Fund Expert

While many people working in high finance know the basics of investments, some go the extra mile and possess a level of skill few if any can match. One of these extraordinary individuals is Sam Tabar, who has carved out an illustrious career as one of the world’s foremost hedge fund experts. Utilizing his natural […]