Beneful Has The Best Dog Food Ever

Beneful is considered to be one of the top dog foods in the world. There are more than thirty different kinds of dog food in Beneful’s product mix, leaving dog owners with a plethora of foods to choose from. Beneful is available in most stores, so most dog owners will be able to start their […]

Beneful For Overall Good Health

Like most dog owners, my pooch is my best friend. I’d like to think that he feels the same about me. That’s because we have a great amount of trust between us. I trust him not to chew up my shoes when I’m gone. He trusts me to feed him, play with him, walk him, […]

Different Forms Of Commercial Dog Food

Majority of shop-bought doggy food is produced from feed grade (animal grade) constituents and is made in either dry from (similarly called Kibble in US) or wet, processed form. Dry form comprises 6-10% moistness in capacity, as likened to 60-90% in preserved food. Semi-moist foods contain a moisture volume of 25-35%. Pet owners frequently choose […]

The Healthy Benefits of Beneful Dog Food

Not only are pet owners today paying more attention to the foods they consume, they are carefully watching what ingredients go into the foods their dog eats as well. With so much information at our fingertips, it is very easy to compare one brand to another, choosing the one with the more nutritious ingredients. Beneful […]