Cat Saved from Fire by Teen

An apartment building in Everett, Washington caught fire Saturday evening, and while firefighters were able to extinguish the fire fairly quickly there were twenty-nine families who ended up being displaced. Investigators currently don’t know what the cause of the fire was, but did state that it caused significant damage to multiple units. Despite the tragedy, […]

Scientists show Animals can use Sunlight for Energy

Scientists make animals that can use photosynthesis, sort of. A recent study at the Columbia University Medical Center has been able to show that mammalian cells are able to produce ATP (energy) from sunlight. The team at Columbia University Medical Center hypothesized that feeding animals a diet rich in chloroplasts, the plant organelle that produces […]

405-Year-Old Clam Is World’s Oldest Animal

Climate researchers at Bangor University in the UK recently found a quahog clam that’s 405 years old, making it the oldest known animal on Earth. The scientists were studying growth rings in clams as part of a research project to see how the climate has changed over the past thousand years. A clam’s growth rings, […]