JustFab Creates All-inclusive Brands for Women of all Sizes

Founded in 2010 by Don Ressler and his partner Adam Goldenberg, JustFab is a subscription e-commerce fashion retailer. In 2011, the company received a funding of $33 million from Matrix Partners. In September of the same year, Kimora Lee Simons joined JustFab as Creative Director and President. The company reached the six million member target […]

George Soros Attends Conference To Plan Opposition For Trump

Rich liberals including George Soros spent small fortunes in the recent election as they worked together to propel Hillary Clinton into the presidency, but their plans went awry when the election produced surprising results as Donald Trump was given the title of President-Elect. The wealthy liberals gathered together for a meeting Sunday at the Mandarin […]

Stephen Murray the Philanthropist

Born on August 2, 1962, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was a man who wore many hats. Until his death which occurred on March 12, 2015, Stephen showed his generosity and kindness to society in a way that will remain etched in many people minds. The former CEO of CMMP capital surprised many by his sudden […]

Kabbalah is a True Source of Fulfillment

Kabbalah is a discipline and ancient wisdom that originated from Judaism. Its definition varies according to the objectives and the traditions of its followers. Plainly, Kabbalah means to obtain. It reveals the relationship between life and the universe. To this end, Kabbalah is regarded as the study of the ways of receiving fulfillment. At some […]

Honesty and Hard Work: The Rise of Todd Lumar

Todd Lubar is a 44 year old father of 2 and a savvy business man. With an honest business ethic and hard work, Lubar has built his own success starting in the real estate business in 1995. His first experience was a loan originator at Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he gained knowledge of conservative mortgage […]

Kenneth Goodgame’s Marketing Beat

True Value has always been an ambitious company. In line with this, the company recently announced a change in the structure of its logistics, supply chain, and worldwide distribution network. In addition to this, True Value also added new executives to the company’s leadership. Through this move, True Value aims to attract new retailers as […]