Healthy Lunches in School

School lunches are usually not filled with foods that students like to eat. Many children take their lunch to school, and these lunches often include chips, cookies and other foods that aren’t ideal to eat every day. If a cafeteria workercan work with a chef in order to prepare meals, then there might be a […]

The Dorchester Collection’s Hotels Embody Every City

The Dorchester Collection provides one of the most luxurious chains of hotels throughout the world. Dorchester Hotels are located throughout Europe in every major city; coupled with this there are two locations in the United States of America in beautiful Southern California. Despite being such a new company the Dorchester Collection has developed successfully and […]

Michigan to Preparing DST Ban

Like Washington and Oregon lawmakers in the United States, Michigan lawmakers are also considering an end to the use of Daylight Savings Time. According to Reifler, Daylight Savings Time was designed to provide more sunlight to people at the end of the day during spring and summer and more light in the mornings during autumn […]

Mark Wahlberg Drunk on Talk Show

Mark Wahlberg is known for starring in hit movies like Transformers: Age of Extinction, Pain and Gain and Boogie Nights, but he is also known for keeping his public image fairly clean and tight. Wahlberg makes sure there is no mistake. He was not always the nice, clean and professional actor we know today. He […]

405-Year-Old Clam Is World’s Oldest Animal

Climate researchers at Bangor University in the UK recently found a quahog clam that’s 405 years old, making it the oldest known animal on Earth. The scientists were studying growth rings in clams as part of a research project to see how the climate has changed over the past thousand years. A clam’s growth rings, […]

Warning labels on sodas?

According to an article on , the City of San Francisco in conjunction with the County itself are proposing to require sodas to start carrying a warning label on the side. This warning would include a message about the dangers of sugar and the contributions it plays towards obesity and other diseases. Camara reported […]

Burger King Took Sodas Off The Kids Menus

In an effort to help this country get on a healthier track, Burger King has taken sodas off the kids menu in order to promote a better lifestyle. According to an article found on reddit and written by, the sugar filled drinks are still going to be an option for youngsters but they believe […]