Rocky Faces Tough Battles in Creed

Plot details are emerging about the new Rocky Balboa film, Creed. Based on an official synopsis from the studio, the standard plot of Rocky training Apollo Creed’s son has been confirmed. Fans like Haidar Barbouti have heard that a bit of the dramatic elements of the film have also been revealed and they make for […]

Tuna Poses Massive Health Risk

For those who love to eat tuna, the time to stop consumption is right now. A new research study published in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry has revealed that levels of mercury in tuna are at a 50 year high. Looking at data from the last 50 years, Assistant Research Scientist Paul Drevnick and his colleagues […]

Meet Dr Rod Rohrich: Innovator in Plastic Surgery

All over the world, Dr Rod Rohrich, M.D., FACS, has been known to be a pioneer in groundbreaking procedures, techniques, and technology, in use by plastic surgeons. Dr Rod Rohrich has established an outstanding team that uniquely specializes in research, education and caring for patients. During the 20 years Dr Rod Rohrich served as the Chairman […]

The Shark Tank Experience

  People may know all about the famous ABC show, Shark Tank, but what is it like to really be on it? Stephen Hersh, the CEO if his company “Biaggi” got a chance to face the sharks in that famous room where deals and made and has decided to write all about his experience. Hersh […]