Shake Shack Debuts New Burger

The highly esteemed Shake Shack will soon be providing diners with even better potential burger options in the new year. Shake Shack is renowned for the use of fresh, meaty burgers with hearty toppings served with more choices of side dishes than people to meet via Skout. The chain has been expanding into cities across the country […]

Girl Scouts Release Gluten-Free Cookie Option

The Girl Scouts of America have really kicked it up a notch in 2014. The pervor of addictive cookie offerings when high tech earlier this year, allowing online ordering and shipping of their cookies, and now they are set to start offering gluten-free and greek yogurt cookies.  The Girl Scouts have officially released two new cookies […]

Pot Reduces Crime in Colorado

To the dismay of anti-cannabis proponents, the legalization of marijuana may lead to reduction in crime due to increased tax revenue. Recreation cannabis stores like The Green Solution have sprouted up all over Colorado. The once taboo culture of marijuana is becoming a novelty in this mountain state. Civilians can purchase a wide array of cannabis products […]

FDA Partially Recognizes HIV Spread

Since 1983, when the spread of HIV exploded in the United States, the Food and Drug Administration has stuck with a strict ban against homosexuals and bisexuals donating blood, as they have been considered a high risk group for spread of the disease. This week, the FDA finally recognized that heterosexuals have unprotected sex and […]

Famous Pizza Place to Open Branch in Las Vegas

Christin Broda says New York is home to many delightful and world famous pizza restaurants, according to The entire region has long been a magnet for Italians who have happily opened up restaurants showcasing the vast variety of Italian cuisine. The same is true for many parts of the New York City borough of […]

Red States Could Prosper From Obamacare

There was not one Republican who voted in favor of passage of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), but they doesn’t mean that the red states do not benefit from the bill. Quite the opposite actually. The red states have been shown to benefit a lot more than the blue states in a lot of cases […]