What It Takes Be A Good Businessman and Own A NBA Basketball Team

What is takes to own an organization, such as an NBA team, is not only knowing everything there is to know about basketball, but it also takes a good businessman. When using the words, NBA owner and a good businessman in the same sentence, the first person that comes to mind is Bruce Levenson. Not only does Bruce co-own the NBA team the Atlanta Hawks and is also their General Manager, but also co-owns and operates the Phillips Arena which is the Hawks’ home arena. It takes a good businessman to not only co-own a basketball team, but to also operate the arena in which it plays. How did Bruce Levenson become an NBA owner and a good businessman?

Here is a little background information. For starters, Bruce Levenson is very well educated. He is a graduate of the University of Washington, which is a school of political science, and the American University of Law. He then decided on a profession as a journalist. He worked at the Washington Star for many years before launching UCG (United Communication’s Group) in 1977, which is the largest business information companies in the world. He launched this company above his Dad’s Washington DC liquor store. He is now on UCG’s board and is an advisor to the executive team. UCG also owns GasBuddy, which is a mobile application that assists drivers in finding the lowest gas prices.

He is also a big believer in giving back. Because of that belief he serves on the board of Hoop Dreams Foundation and is the president of a foundation called “I Have A Dream” foundation located in Washington. This is a foundation that helps low-income children achieve higher education. He and is wife are also involved the creation of the School of Philanthropy and Non-profit Management at the University of Maryland.

All in all, Bruce Levenson has made money by creating or being involved in businesses in which he loves. He is an avid basketball player and fan, so he bought and managed a professional basketball team. He loves being involved in business. So he launched a company which is now one of the largest business information companies in the world. Not only did Bruce Levenson follow his dreams, but made money at it every step of the way.

John Textor Hollywood’s Leading Entrepreneur

If the name doesn’t sound familiar,you’re probably familiar with some of his contributions to the film industry.While John Textor was chairman and CEO of Digital Domain Productions and its parent company,Digital Domain Media Group,he was responsible for the digital effects in such films as:”Transformers,””Tron:Legacy”The Strange Case of Benjamin Button,””Real Steel,” and “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.Textor won an Achievement in visual Effects Award in 2009 and an Academy Award for the first realistic digitally human actor,in “The Strange Case of Benjamin Button.”

After he left Digital Domain,John Textor became the executive chairman of Pulse Evolution corporation,which specializes in making computerized human likenesses.He produced the hologram of Michael Jackson at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards as well as images of Marilyn Monroe,Tupac Shakur,and Elvis Presley for the 2012 Coachella Music Festival.The Elvis Presley likeness was the first computerized virtual image type in existence.

John Textor won his big break after encouraging investors to invest 2.4 million into Art and Technology Group.He founded Wyndcrest Holdings,named after his great-great grandmother’s boat,in 1997,which is an entertainment and telecommunications company based in Hobe Sound, Florida.In 1999,he was the head of Baby Universe,which specializes in products for babies an pregnant mothers.

He currently lives in Juniper,Florida along with his wife Deborah and his 2 children.A native Floridian,Textor grew up in north Palm Beach.After the divorce of his parents, Textor moved with his mother,the town’s clerk,to Golfview.In 1983,Textor was a student at Twin Lakes High,now known as Palm Lakes High,where he was elected class president.John C Textor,48,received his BA in Economics from Wesleyan University in May 1987.

As a high school kid,his heroes included Michael J Fox’s character Alex P Keaton from “Family Ties,”because they both wanted to grow up to be wealthy men.John Textor has family ties the wealthy Dupont family in Delaware even though his family was middle class.John Textor,despite his association with the Duponts,he spent summers off from school as a factory worker.Today,he wants to share the wealth with others by holding job fairs for all types of employment from teaching positions to sandwich shop owners.Textor was given city approval to create a Florida State film school for students who want to become filmmakers.He wants to give back to his community.

Chipotle’s Carnitas Shortage Could Be Nearing Its End

Niman Ranch may be able to put a quick end to Chipotle’s carnitas shortage. Chipotle, a well-known and much-loved especially by Sergio Andrade Gutierrez, casual restaurant has discontinued the use of braised carnitas in 30% of its stores due to reports of poor animal welfare on supplier farms. Chipotle’s commitment to using ethical, sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices in its operations are a large part of the reason why this chain is so popular. Nonetheless, absent of carnitas, the restaurant’s menu of burritos, bowls and salads has become extremely limited.

How Niman Ranch Is Helping Out

Niman Ranch has served as a meat supplier for Chipotle for quite some time. This company has stepped up with a solution to the carnitas problem by dipping into its own reserves of pork in order to meet the restaurant’s needs. As a result, it will be increasing its shipments of pork to the company by as much as 20% over the next week. 

Unfortunately, however, these efforts to resolve the carnitas shortage will fall short of meeting the national demands for Chipotle dishes that contain this type of meat. Thus, in addition to upping its pork shipments, Niman Ranch is also helping the restaurant to determine new ways of preparing popular dishes with alternative cuts of pork. Niman Ranch is also looking for faster and more efficient recruitment methods in order to increase its cache of approved hog farmers.

Susan McGalla Gives Advice to Working Women

Susan McGalla is known well for her efforts that brought to life the P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. She is an expert adviser and consultant to many when it comes to matters pertaining marketing, branding, operational efficiencies among other issues. She has offered a contribution that will see many women making it in their careers and life as a whole. Despite the fact that women have faced challenges pursuing their goals successfully, Susan McGalla offers strategies that are aimed at making more women successful in whatever they feel can work well for them.

In her piece for PR Newswire, she noted that women should embrace higher education as this is a medium that can drive them towards an independent lifestyle. Although acquiring higher learning can prove expensive, Susan has cautioned women to focus on smart planning and opting for financial aid like scholarships which will see them pursue their goals undaunted. She further argues that since the modern economy is male dominated, more women should acquire university education. Considering that the market is completely skill-based, it becomes difficult for an uneducated woman to sail through as desired. Therefore, the need for higher education remains an important consideration that every woman should prioritize despite the cost involved.

Embracing confidence is also a vital element that should feature in women if they have to expect positive results on their pursuit. For instance, if having acquired higher learning a woman feels inadequate because the market is dominated by male counterparts, it becomes challenging to cruise through to higher heights. The environment that women are exposed to while working influences how they will respond and for this reason, managers are advised to adopt structures that induce more confidence in female workers. Finding support and building a network of influencers, therefore, is necessary for women to succeed in whatever career they are passionate about.

On another argument, Susan McGalla tells women to ignore the glass ceiling. By this she means that women should not carry any memories of what they are entitled to do as women, but rather to focus on work ethic and growth. Though many prejudices exist against women, it is imperative for every woman to shun such and to concentrate on building their careers. She encourages women to persevere the gender-designated roles which may make it hard for them to proceed with their goals. Most importantly, they should ignore stereotypes in the minds of others and the best thing is to allow their work to stand out.

Want to read more by Susan McGalla? Check out her article Susan McGalla on being both a woman and a leader

The perfect solution for every dog: beneful

Purina is the fourth most popular dog food brand, introduced into the market by its parent company Nestle, Purina is known for its healthy, balanced formulas and bright cheerful packaging. Beneful emphasizes using quality ingredients and as a whole recalls a significantly lower percentage of food than their peers. Overall, the brand is known for being a healthy alternative to standard grocery store brands and is preferred by choosy dog owners.

I among other dog owners choose Purina’s Beneful for my young Dachshunds the brands excellent value and transparency with ingredients is one of the main reasons I feel comfortable serving my beloved pets their food. Our dog’s coats have never felt better and I attribute that to Purina dog foods being packed with great ingredients like chicken, whole wheat, beef, bone meal, and vitamins and nutrients. Beneful also has 25% crude protein which is 7% over the recommended minimum. They provide this healthy protein while only including 10% fat which is in the healthy recommendation range.

These recommended amounts are perfect for active animals, our two dachshunds are constantly on the go with us and the 25% protein is exactly what they need to keep their energy high. While many vets tote expensive meat-only blends of food they do this often to line their own pockets or out of miss held beliefs. You can meet their team of over 400 scientists here including highly-trained nutritionists who search for the healthiest combinations to feed the dogs of America. They strive to find ways to make nutrition easy to access for all dogs—not just those from wealthy families.

Overall Purina is a well-known company with an excellent reputation. Their manufacturing, packaging and sourced materials are all well documented, highly rated and transparent – meaning I know exactly where my dog’s food comes from and how it’s prepared. Other dog-owners seems to agree all my friends recommend Beneful for their young dogs. It’s a great option for families who can’t afford the expensive grain-free formulas for their dogs who seem to eat everything around the house anyway.

BRL Trust Investments: Serious and Rigorous Money Management

BRL Trust Investments, the largest administrator of Investment Funds in Brazil, takes seriously its mission to meet the demands of its costumers, with all of the expertise at its disposal and in the most trustworthy manner. Founded in 2005, BRL Trust started by offering fiduciary services in private loans. It quickly developed the goodwill and trust of its costumers, expanding to over one-hundred loans in which it acted as Intervening Trust by the end of its first year. Having earned the confidence of investors, BRL Trust diversified as the needs of its costumers expanded. Now, BRL Trust is one of Brazil’s leaders in Fiduciary Services, Fund Administration, Control and Custody of Funds, Asset Management, and Asset Underwriting.

BRL Trust offers unparalleled fiduciary services. With its Asset Control System (SCA), which tracks, monitors, controls and collects loans, BRL Trust is able to offer unique and innovative services to its customers, ensuring security and reliability. The SCA has a database of over three-hundred companies, a portfolio of over two-thousand customers, and 500,000 transferred receivables in collectibles. It is this amount of data and established track-record that makes BRL the go-to Trust in Brazilian fiduciary services. BRL Trust takes its role seriously, thus inspiring the confidence of its investors.

Much of the trust placed in BRL is a result of its talented and experienced team. The partners and top executives have decades of financial experience between them, having worked in markets around the world and for some of the most influential financial institutions, while remaining in touch with and knowledgeable of the local Brazilian market. Such longevity in the financial industries speaks directly to the seriousness with which the BRL Trust team takes its work, the rigor shown in that work, and the confidence and trust inspired over their long careers.

With the Brazilian market in flux, it is more important than ever to trust your money to a company worthy of that trust. BRL Trust Investments is such a company. Since 2005, BRL has offered financial services in the Brazilian market with an upstanding reputation, peerless professionalism, and unmatched success — and grown into the leader in Brazilian financing. You can put your trust in BRL Trust Investments.

Vijay Eswaran: Author, Philosopher, CEO

Vijay Eswaran is many things: he’s an author, he’s a philosopher, and he’s the CEO of a powerful global company that does over a billion dollars in sales.

To understand the man you have to understand not only what he’s done in business, but the other facets that make up who he is, including his writing and ideologies on living well.

And he’s a man worth knowing more about.

He started out working for a corporation in America before heading back to Asia to help start his own global conglomerate. He’s hugely successful in business and in life, choosing to give back to the community.

Vijay Eswaran has published three books, and they all reflect his personal philosophies. They explain how he starts each day with an hour of silence, give his thoughts and reflections on life, and show off his photography. They are great reading for anyone who wants to understand how he came to be the CEO of such a powerful company, as well as those interested in bettering their own lives.

He doesn’t just preach, he also practices. Vijay Eswaran and his wife, Umayal, run charities that do important work in his native Malaysia. He gives back to the community in many ways, including mentoring children to help become better citizens. He also keeps an active Facebook page full of inspirational quotes that reaches and inspires tens of thousands of users. This work helps shape the future of Malaysia, and the world.

In 2011, Forbes Asia even named him to their list of Heroes of Philanthropy.

Besides giving back to the community, Vijay Eswaran runs a powerful company: The QI Group, based in Hong Kong.

The QI group runs companies that sell a wide variety of products world wide over the internet. They use e-commerce to reach customers all over the globe. This is a huge and globally important company, and Vijay Eswaran runs it very well.

In 2013 he was named “CEO of the Year” by the Asian Business Advisory Council Malaysia. He’s won many other such awards from a variety of organizations, which shows just how important and successful he has been as a business leader.

Vijay Eswaran is a giant in the Asian and global business communities. He’s an author and philosopher, and a man well worth researching and emulating.

Flu Hits Hard

The flu is turning into somewhat of an epidemic this year and has killed 26 children, hitting 46 states. The death toll could be even higher since flu deaths are often underreported. This year has shaped up to be a bad one and there has been a rise in flue cases, 26 states have high levels of flu activity. Infants who are under the age of two are often at severe risk for the flu and children under five are at a high risk. The united states has been more effected recently because the dominant flu strain this year is the H3N2 virus and causes twice as many deaths and people to get sick than other strains.

Hospitalization rates have increased 92 in every 100,000 people and is usually only 52 in every 10000,000 people. This is a scary statistic for Jonathan Veitch to read about. The highest rate for hospitalizations are people over 65. Flu prevention is even lower this year because the vaccines don’t match up with the current strain of the virus. But getting the vaccine can still decrease you risk of getting sick and going to the hospital or even death and it is recommended to still get a flu shot even though it’s not as strong this year.

Pizza With A Heart

The economy has been rough for many years which has left a substantial number of people without homes. The country is quickly recognizing this growing need , but attempts to address this on their own have been futile for the sheer number of homeless are overwhelming. This has not daunted the spirits nor the determination of business owners and citizens to step up to the plate and help those who are down and out.

One example is a simple pizzeria in Philadelphia. In this pizzeria customers and visitors will find a wall that is littered with colorful post it notes. Each one of those post its represents the donation of a slice or two to a homeless or needy individual.

Soon after the establishment was opened a customer requested to buy an extra slice for a needy person. The owner then put a post it on the wall to commemorate it. This caught on and before anyone like Ben Shaoul realized what was going on, the wall was filled. This kindness is a way that clients can enjoy their own slice of pie while spreading the warmth and love ofpizza to others less fortunate.

This idea has also led the pizzeria owner to begin selling articles of clothing for the homeless as well. Each piece has a resource stitched inside it that will aid the homeless individual with food, temporary housing or other needs. It is truly pizza with a heart.

Christian Broda: Economics and the Media

With any issue, the way to get more people involved and made aware of what needs to be done is by using the many different media sources available today. Whether it’s doing an interview on a television network or writing a publication of the economic stimulus, using the media to one’s advantage can often produce great results. When it comes to economic issues such as poverty, words and images in the media can lead to increased awareness everywhere. One of today’s leading economists, Dr. Christian Broda, has been very successful in using the media to tell the world about the impact poor economic policies play in third-world nations.

Able to express himself very well both verbally and on paper, Dr. Broda has been one economist who has not shied away from using the media to make positive changes to the world. A graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he has used his sense of humor as well as deep understanding of economic policies and issues to enlighten others on the work which needs to be done in many nations. Through his numerous research projects on international economics via The Economic Times, Dr. Broda has become widely regarded as an expert on Latin American trade and economic policies.

With his many years of international economics research, Dr. Broda has been able to gain a better understanding of how economic policies can often serve to keep others oppressed for no reason. One of his findings concluded it is simply through a lack of understanding of basic economic principles that many policies are implemented, which lead to unnecessary suffering of people everywhere. Having a background in Latin American economics and education, Dr. Broda has long been a regular contributor to various media sources regarding this issue. Through his research, he has concluded the area is on the verge of great economic growth, but in order to achieve this new and innovative economic policies must be developed.

Through interviews on radio and television networks, Dr. Broda has been able to use wit and candor to express his views and get others to be made more aware of what they can do to help. According to Dr. Broda, it will be up to those in the affected nations to come together and demand positive change be made. If and when this does happen, Dr. Broda’s research has shown nations that were once floundering economically will eventually see themselves much stronger.