Aerospace Technology has Potential to Help Parkinson’s Patients

Small tubes made out of conductive carbon nanotube fibers might be able to help patients suffering tremors due to Parkinson’s disease. Robert Pasquali, who is a chemist at Rice University, was trying to create tubes applicable for aerospace technology when he and his team discovered that the softness of the tubes would make them perfect for interfacing with the human body’s electrical system. By connecting the soft conductive tubes to the brain, electric signals can be sent through, which would calm the tremors common in Parkinson’s patients and give them more life quality. Currently, some Parkinson’s patients have a treatment option available similar to this, but it uses hard metal tubes. The fascinating way our brains could be communicated with using these new conductive silken tubes is an amazing discovery. Zeca Oliveira knows that their soft design makes them much more compatible to the soft tissue of our brains and decreases the inflammation that occurs from the use of metal tubes.

Healthy Lunches in School

School lunches are usually not filled with foods that students like to eat. Many children take their lunch to school, and these lunches often include chips, cookies and other foods that aren’t ideal to eat every day. If a cafeteria workercan work with a chef in order to prepare meals, then there might be a better chance of healthy meals served at schools instead of foods that students don’t like. A chef sometimes has a way of making a plain meal stand out, creating something delicious with vegetables, fruits and other healthy items. Brad Reifler agrees that if the students see something that looks good in the school cafeteria, then they might be more inclined to try that food, especially if it doesn’t look like it’s leftovers or something you would get from a can. When the food that children can choose from is seasoned properly and has a taste that they like, then they eating healthy in school is possible.

The Dorchester Collection’s Hotels Embody Every City

The Dorchester Collection provides one of the most luxurious chains of hotels throughout the world. Dorchester Hotels are located throughout Europe in every major city; coupled with this there are two locations in the United States of America in beautiful Southern California.
Despite being such a new company the Dorchester Collection has developed successfully and rapidly. The company was founded in 2006 with a goal to provide hotel customers with an incredible hotel experience, the company has set out to ensure their hotels are second to none. Unlike the majority of major hotel chains the Dorchester Collection’s hotels all offer their own charm and originality. Each hotel is different from the next, with its own exemplification of elegance and luxury. The hotels are housed in beautiful, historic buildings within the most famous cities in the world. Each individual hotel embodies the city it calls home, offering hotel guests the entire city experience and sparing no expense.
The Dorchester Collection’s hotels not only provide the best accommodations to their guests, but so much more. The hotels host weddings, meetings, and various other events always providing memorable and beautiful experiences. Furthermore, each hotel is equipped with numerous facilities in order to accommodate any type of event guests may need to hold.
And of course each and every one of the Dorchester Collection’s hotels provides incredible dining. Guests at each hotel have no reason to leave and why would they want to? Beauty, spa, and other wellness facilities are housed in each of the hotels so that guests may take their relaxation beyond their guest suite. Every individual hotel offers their own choice of products, products they believe in and stand behind in order to provide the best to their guests.
The next time you are looking to book a luxurious getaway the Dorchester Collection’s hotels are sure to exceed all of your expectations. People can start by looking on Twitter and going from there.

Michigan to Preparing DST Ban

Like Washington and Oregon lawmakers in the United States, Michigan lawmakers are also considering an end to the use of Daylight Savings Time.

According to Reifler, Daylight Savings Time was designed to provide more sunlight to people at the end of the day during spring and summer and more light in the mornings during autumn and winter. Yet, the practice of “springing forward” clocks an hour has been proven to cause circadian rhythm sleep disturbances, morning driving and other accidents, and heart attacks. It also disrupts work schedules — especially those of farmers who partially base their schedules on outdoor light conditions — and results in increased electricity usage.

Last week, Jeff Irwin, an Ann Arbor State Representative, proposed new legislation to ban DST and use Eastern Time instead. Irwin also opened up the matter for discussion with lawmakers in nearby Ontario and Windsor across the border. He feels that if he can convince them, his proposal has a chance at passing in Michigan. He also has support from similar proposals in other U.S. states, including Alaska, Florida, New Mexico, South Dakota, Texas and Utah.

Studies in the U.S. and to the north have revealed that deaths from traffic accidents increase five to seven percent immediately after the DST switch. Heart attack risk increases 10 percent.

DST has no place in a modern world where lighting technologies make outdoor enjoyment at night and morning commutes safely possible.

Americans Return Home After Ebola Scare in Sierra Leone

The Center for Disease Control has announced that at least one person, who remains unidentified, has been flown from Sierra Leone to Maryland after becoming exposed to the Ebola virus. Several other Americans, each of who had contact with the patient, were also being flown to Maryland.

Maryland is the home of the U.S. National Institutes of Health where officials have been treating and monitoring Ebola patients. The group had been serving as volunteers at a facility in Sierra Leone when the first patient became exposed. The remaining members of the group were potentially exposed, leading them to return to the U.S. for observation.
More than 11,000 people in Sierra Leone have contracted the Ebola virus and at least 3,000 have died. A different scenario played out in the U.S. where only four people have tested positive as having the deadly virus. Only one American fatality due to the Ebola virus has been reported.

A chartered aircraft was contracted to transport, equipped with necessary health-safety precautions, the group of volunteer healthcare workers back to the U.S.

The group is expected to undergo a voluntary self-quarantine during the virus’ 21-day incubation period as  Dr Jennifer Walden recommends. If it is later determined that members of the group have symptoms of Ebola, they will be transported to a specialized medical facility for evaluation and treatment.

Mark Wahlberg Drunk on Talk Show

Mark Wahlberg is known for starring in hit movies like Transformers: Age of Extinction, Pain and Gain and Boogie Nights, but he is also known for keeping his public image fairly clean and tight.

Wahlberg makes sure there is no mistake. He was not always the nice, clean and professional actor we know today. He has had his fair share of partying and causing trouble in the past and in his younger days. Well now it looks like those partying days m=y have caught back up with the 43 year old actor.

On a recent appearance on the British talk show The Graham Norton Show, Mark was one of three guests including comedian Sarah Silverman and actor Michael Fassbender. Christian Broda knows that it is not unusual for guests to be sipping wine throughout the show, but this evening Marky Mark may have gone a bit too far.

As soon as the show begins, Mark Wahlberg is already noticeably tipsy. His eyes are half glazed over and there is a distinct wobble to his demeanor. Throughout the rest of the show, Wahlberg flirts with Silverman, sits on Norton’s lap and humiliates an audience member during one regular show segment.

Mark Wahlberg has since come out saying this was all a gag pre-planned with Sarah Silverman. He had discussed his plans with her and she was completely on-board with it.

Humans Part Bacteria, Fungus and Algae According to Researchers

If you are one of the millions of people who stand against GMO food, you aren’t going to like this one. Researchers have found that humans carry a number of genes stolen from fungus, bacteria and algae. We are, in fact, genetically modified human beings.

Chiara Boschetti and Alastair Crisp from Cambridge University have been working hard to trace shared genetics from non-animal species in humans. Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG has learned that they studied publicly available genetic information to trace similar RNA messenger molecules found more often in non-animal species. By studying only RNA molecules they were able to focus on active genetics currently playing a role in the human body.

Many of the matches found correlated with genes of unknown purpose. Even after years of research with the Human Genome Project, many genes are not understood well. However, some of the genes were found to be active in systems such as fat metabolism, large molecule production and even the immune system.

Such genetic sharing would be highly frowned upon in the agricultural world these days, but once upon a time genetic sharing was the norm. Next time someone gets on your nerves, just remember, we’re all a little bit bacterial.

405-Year-Old Clam Is World’s Oldest Animal

Climate researchers at Bangor University in the UK recently found a quahog clam that’s 405 years old, making it the oldest known animal on Earth.

The scientists were studying growth rings in clams as part of a research project to see how the climate has changed over the past thousand years. A clam’s growth rings, like tree rings, vary in response to environmental changes. For example, food availability, salinity and water temperature all affect shell growth.

Scientists hope to use the results of this study to put together a record of climatic changes over the past few centuries. They also hope to determine if the past half-century is markedly different from the preceding centuries.

The scientists found the ancient clam off the coast of Iceland in 262 feet (80 meters) deep water. When they counted its growth rings, they found it had 405 of them.

Brad Reifler has learned that some protest the description of the clam as “world’s oldest animal.” They point out that corals that live in colonies can also live for centuries. The clam, however, is the world’s oldest non-colonial animal.

The quahog clam is known for its long life span. In 1982, a 220-year-old specimen was found. While scientists believe the clams owe their longevity to a slowed cell-replacement process, they’re less certain as to why they age so slowly in the first place.

Warning labels on sodas?

According to an article on , the City of San Francisco in conjunction with the County itself are proposing to require sodas to start carrying a warning label on the side. This warning would include a message about the dangers of sugar and the contributions it plays towards obesity and other diseases.

Camara reported that they imagine there are many Americans already slowing their soda consumption since there are similar dangers even for diet sodas, which do not contain sugar, but other chemicals that mimic the effects of sugar on the body. However, is the soda industry really in jeopardy? I highly doubt they will go out of business due to this warning message. The City and County of San Francisco also propose this warning message be on billboards, building walls or any place else the ads appear that are on a permanent structure or facility within the County boundaries.

The fact this happened now, when Burger King heroically eliminated sodas as a drink option which is typically part of a kids meal is interesting. But I am not so sure the big soda players need to worry. I can’t imagine there are too many people who don’t understand the impact processed sugars can have on their health, so not sure the warning messages would make any more of a difference than what people hear through other messages.

Burger King Took Sodas Off The Kids Menus

In an effort to help this country get on a healthier track, Burger King has taken sodas off the kids menu in order to promote a better lifestyle.

According to an article found on reddit and written by, the sugar filled drinks are still going to be an option for youngsters but they believe that these drinks are a big reason for giving kids so many calories, so they took it off the display menu. Now instead of a Coca Cola or Sprite, children will have the choice of milk or apple juice with their meals.

Child obesity is definitely one of the biggest problems with the United States noted many accounts. Now more than ever, fast food chains are trying to correct the problem by making their food much better health wise. In the past, fast food has been known as fatty, greasy, and delicious, but now they can also include “lower calories” in all that. Other fast food companies such as Wendy’s and McDonald’s are trying to follow suit, because it isn’t just smarter to do do, but American culture is more interested in being healthy over the last decade or so. This is something that is really good to see, because hopefully it will reduce a lot of extra health issues such as heart disease and diabetes nation wide. Maybe this will entice those people who abandoned the fast food chains to come back once in a while.