Signs To Watch For in Your Marriage

It may seem morbid while you’re in a happy marriage to read a story about the signs a marriage won’t last, but this Huffington Post piece on that subject is actually what you should read in order to know what to look for if your happy marriage ever starts to feel less than totally happy. […]

Improving Your Relationship

Huffington Post recently released an article featuring nine ways to upgrade your relationship. You might not think you need this, but even the best relationships out there could be a little bit better and it can often be an enriching process to take time and be intentional about improving a relationship. For me, one of […]

The Eventual Advantages of Joint Custody Kids

Many divorced parents worry about the health of a child being bounced back and forth between two different homes. There is justifiable concern the constant shuffling creates anxiety and tension. However, a new article in The New York Times suggests there is more to it. In the article, Rachelle Bergstein recounts her experiences as a […]

Fighting For A Relationship That Matters

On Wednesday, Huffington Post released a piece on how to fight for your marriage if it really matters to you. IF you haven’t read it, and even if your marriage is going great, check this out and think of ways you can have healthier interactions with your partner and build a stronger team together. I […]

Halle Berry Shares Concerns About Son

In the wake of recent police shootings, many people have taken to social media to share their thoughts about racial tension, the future of America, and the need for people to take a stand for what they believe in. Halle Berry, whose daughter was born in 2008 and whose son was born in 2013, spoke […]

Advanced 13-Year-Old Prepares for College

Illinois 13-year-old Kelly Li is in for a big adventure in the fall. The daughter of Chinese immigrants Lili Xi and Shengjian Li has been accepted into Mary Baldwin College in Virginia on a $20,000 scholarship that will pay most of her costs. Li has always been academically gifted, and as she continued to flourish […]