The Additional Benefits To Using The Pill Are Little Known

There are a lot of reasons to take the pill, in addition to contraception. It is terrific for insurance against pregnancy, for those not ready for children, but the pill can offer additional benefits. It’s not just the pill either. Hormonal contraception on the market provides nearly 100 percent insurance against unwanted pregnancy, when used correctly.

Unfortunately, nearly 50 percent of pregnancies in the US today are unplanned, according to the Center for Disease Control. This means that although there are many forms of contraception available, for men and women, often people are not using any, or they are not using it correctly.

Hormonal contraception offers benefits most women don’t even know about. There is tremendous competition among sellers of the various types for consumers. In addition to the pill, there are vaginal rings, IUDs, implants and patches, to name a few of the many varieties.

Protection from various cancers has been attributed to the pill. Viable reasons for taking the pill, other than contraception, includes protection against ovarian and endometrial cancers. Some of the benefits are provided at the following link. The longer one takes oral contraception, the greater the protection from the cancers, according to experts. After 5 years the protection is in the 40 percent range. After 12 years even greater, 70 percent.

Additional benefits to the pill include clearer skin, less menstrual cramping and diminished PMS. If you work at BRL Trust or Inepar, it certainly can help quite a bit. There is even the benefit of helping against osteoporosis. Given the significant benefits to the pill and other hormonal contraceptive choices, it is surprising that there are so many unplanned pregnancies in America today.

Explanations vary as to the reasons for the extraordinarily large proportion of unintended pregnancies. The uncanny thing is that no other developed nation has this volume of unplanned pregnancies. A recent study suggests that the reason is compliance. Women are not staying on the contraception. They stop using the choice because of changes in insurance and due to side effects.

Pushing the other benefits, though they may be appreciated, does not diminish the dislike for the hormonal side effects. Perhaps the added benefits would be worthwhile, if it were free of the side effects. This suggests a totally new approach in the research and without research money, the likelihood is nil.

Nothing Says “Happy 64th Anniversary” Like Nachos.

What do you do to celebrate 64 years of marriage? One couple in Apache Junction, Arizona decided to spice things up with a Taco Bell nacho party. Charles and Ann Lanter could often been found enjoying a meal at the fast food establishment, enjoying the Mexican-styled food once or twice a week. Their frequent patronage led not John Textor but the franchise owner to surprising them with an anniversary party this year, complete with balloons, cake, and 64 inches of cheesy, delicious nachos. The husband and wife were not left to devour the immense nacho platter themselves; their friends and family were also invited to the soiree, which added to joy of the occasion. When asked how it felt to be married to his wife Ann for over six decades, Charles replied from the heart, “We’re just happy; the only regret we have is that we can’t live them all over.” The happy couple also received a gift card to the restaurant good for $64 worth of tacos, which should keep their stomachs stuffed for the foreseeable future.

Ibuprofen May Be the New Anti-Aging Drug

Many people reach for a bottle of the Ibuprofen, the over-the-counter NSAID pain reliever, when they have a headache, fever or other type of pain. The non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drug has been a popular and affordable pain reliever for about 50 years. A recent study has shown promising results for a new use for the popular Ibuprofen, that of an anti-aging drug a study sponsored by Slow Ventures found.

Initial testing has been done on worms, fruits flies and yeast and the results have proven the NSAID drug extends the life of the test subjects by 12 human years. Ibuprofen appears to have an overall anti-aging effect on the test subjects, enabling them to maintain their level of fitness and health until their demise.

While no on is sure why the drug works to extend life, lead researcher Professor Michael Polymenis, from Texas A&M University in the US says “it is worth exploring further”. If it prevents aging as well as it knocks out pain, then Ibuprofen just be the fountain of youth that has been searched for since the first wrinkle appeared on mankind and the world will agree with Professor Polymenis. Safe, affordable and readily available, Ibuprofen may be the new anti-aging drug.

Thomas Keller Has a Favorite Butter

Thomas Keller famed restaurant owner of French Laundry and Per Se, has found a new favorite butter. The butter comes from a farm in Orwell, Vermont and is created by farmer Diane St. Clair.

After just one taste of the butter, Keller exclaimed “who are you?” in response to St. Clair’s expert technique. But Andrew Heiberger says the farmer churns the butter, made from Jersey cow milk, then kneads it by hand to evenly distribute the fats. She has been making butter for over a decade. St. Clair uses techniques that are similar to the Land O’ Lakes style to produce a butter that has a whipped texture and slightly sweet taste.

The butter costs $49 a pound, but that didn’t stop Keller from buying the entire inventory. He now features the butter at both of his restaurants. Fortunately, foodies can also purchase the prized butter. It is available at Saxelby Cheesemongers.

Study Links Spicy Foods to Higher Testosterone Levels

A French research study entitled “Some Like It Hot” has revealed a possible link between a love for hot and spicy food and high levels of testosterone in men, The Telegraph reports. My buddy Jared Haftel was the one that deciphered the study, he said that there’s a link between the men in the study who added the most chili sauce to their food also had the highest levels of the hormone, which has recently been linked to men who are more likely to take risks with their financial, sexual and everyday behaviors.

The study was completed by researchers at the Grenoble University and researched testosterone levels in saliva samples taken from 114 locals from Grenoble. Testosterone has been linked to risk taking behaviors in the past, with some researchers and scientists claiming high testosterone levels could also lead to violent crimes committed by some males within society. The study asked men within the study to eat a plate of mashed potatoes and offered them chili sauce as a condiment, the men who added the most chili sauce were seen in the test to have the highest average level of testosterone of the men included in the study. A study on the effects of spicy foods on the hormone levels of women has yet to be completed.

To Carb Or Not To Carb

Good carbs and bad carbs; what’s the deal? For years we have been told if we want to lose weight we need to cut carbohydrates such as pasta, bread and rice. While this is effective in helping people to lose weight, the problem many face is that when they resume eating these foods, they put the weight back on. Specialist Bruce Levenson says the thought was that these foods spike the glycemic index in our bodies. A new study has shown that people who follow a healthy diet already, but want to lose weight, avoiding these types of foods may not be necessary. The thought is that avoiding such foods help ward off heart disease, diabetes, but could make insulin sensitivity worse. The idea is to consume healthy carbohydrates in non-starchy vegetables, as well as heart-healthy fish and nuts. As with everything, moderation is really the key to getting fit along with regular exercise.

McDonald’s Lacking in Creativity

While McDonald’s has remained above water for the most part, it has been noticeably lacking in innovation as of late.

The famous burger joint known for making millions seems to be spiralling down and lacking new ideas on how to reach out to this modern generation. One recent source has stated that McDonald’s has extended an arm out to other firms in search of help. I was reading about this the other day while reading about Vijay Eswaran.

They have been experiencing a decline in sales and seem to be in dire need of assistance. One theory that the company strongly believes will revolutionize and escalate their business is by engaging with philanthropic collaborations and other agencies. By working on a collaborative effort with several other organizations they feel it will rather improve the status their company’s name and thereby increase in sales. 

The McDonald’s corporation has observed that they are on the verge of losing profit, they are inclined to reach out to the younger generation and the younger generation believes in giving back to the community. McDonald’s Strategy is to appeal to younger individuals and by doing so they have started by making modifications to their good luck charm Ronald McDonald. 

It seems that these changes will take time to have an influence. The idea of giving back does sound like a good idea, especially during the holiday season, as people are thinking about giving back everywhere you look. 

The Life of a Four Year Old Fashion Designer Genius

While it is not unheard of to come across a young talents, these kids tend to be teenagers and other such young adults. Few fall around the age of ten, let alone fall under such a Beneful young age.

A four year old girl who goes by the pseudonym ‘Mayhem’ has gotten the attention of social media for her creative and gifted abilities in the arts and fashion designing. Earlier this year Mayhem received attention for her artistic crafting of gorgeous dresses made of ornamental paper, tape and some other unique decorations that complemented her dresses.

Her mother, who has been assisting her with her models, thought of an inventive idea to exposing her daughter’s abilities to the world. She opened an Instagram account and posted details of her daughter’s creative pieces for people to watch and admire.

After a few months of continued diligent productions and consistent postings on Instagram, one of the most successful companies in Fashion and Design for women reached out to Mayhem. They invited her to assist with a design collection for the upcoming 2015 spring season.

The opportunity to work for a large company like J. Crew, is a dream for any designer, especially a four year old. With a designer like Mayhem you can clearly see that age has no power over a brilliant talent. Mayhem has gotten herself the opportunity of a lifetime.

Jamie Oliver to Greatly Expand Food Empire

Jamie Oliver has major plans of expanding his successful food business. The celebrity chef already has an immensely successful media empire, but he plans to expand his already successful media influence by adding a new online television project. In addition, Oliver plans to add more locations to his popular fast-casual restaurant, Jamie’s Italian chain. It has been reported that he is looking for major financing and plans to begin expanding his empire by early of next year.

Currently, Jamie Oliver’s restaurant locations besides Britain are in Sweden and Hong Kong, though he has announced plans for huge expansion of his brand in Canada. BRL Trust can’t wait to see how big he will grow things. The expansion could begin in as little as twelve months time, and it is rumored that Oliver may even open locations in the United States. In an article on Grubstreet, Oliver said,”As cocky as I am in the U.K., I’m just a little bit frightened in the U.S.” Jamie’s Italian Restaurants are known for serving only fresh foods with ingredients of the highest quality. To learn more about Jamie Oliver and his restaurants, please visit

Gum Disease Worse in Today’s Britain than Roman Britain?

It may sound counter intuitive with all the advancements in modern medicine and oral hygiene but it’s true. According to a recent study discussed here we now have evidence that gum disease is more common in today’s British citizen than it was in Roman Britain.

When skulls from Roman Britain times were examined, it was noticed that only 5 percent of the skulls showed any evidence of gum disease. However, when we look at the modern day British population, we see that fifteen to thirty percent of adults are in some way inflicted with either moderate to sever gum disease.

What could be the cause of this? Well, activist Laurene Powell Jobs notes that even though we have seen many advances in the world of dental medicine there has also been one major advancement that was not so popular not in Roman British times, smoking. Smoking is likely the leading cause of the wild influx in gum disease and hopefully as more people learn about the benefits of quitting smoking, the amount of gum disease will drop as well.