Memories that Food Envokes

a house is not only a place that provides a roof over the head and protection from the elements, but is also a place of sanctuary that provides a balanced and healthy life to those that are growing up and are experiencing many different ages in life that start at a young age and onward […]

Your Marriage After Having Kids

We all enter into marriage with the hopes and dreams that everyday will be a literal fairy tale. Even if you’re planning on eventually having children together, you might not necessarily be prepared for what kids can and will do to even the strongest of marriages. Kids put a lot of strain on a relationship […]

It Takes Time

Raising a family takes complete dedication, and sometimes that means parents need to skip lunches and coffees and dinner parties and other social activities with friends they may have once had more time for before they had children. The front page of Huffington Post’s Marriage section showcased this incredible perspective from a married couple that […]

Susan McGalla: American Businesswoman and Executive Consultant

***UPDATE***June 14th, 2017– McGalla and her team are excited to share her recent press on, discussing her journey in women’s leadership. Link below. ***UPDATE***– April 10th, 2017–Susan McGalla and the Steelers are thrilled about the announcing of the 2017 preseason schedule. Check it out below for more details. Susan McGalla is an executive consultant […]

The Most Important Aspect of Saying No When Raising Kids

Most of the world’s religions advocate for the family unit. The concept of household gets attributed to a father, mother, and children. While the family tree deepens as we take a wider angle in relations past the immediate blood relations, stability and influence to one’s life are mostly associated with the immediate family. The family […]

The Secret Behind Why So Many People Divorce

One in every other marriage will end in divorce. This is a staggering statistic when you consider the fact that decades ago, the divorce rate was almost ridiculously low. There are many different reasons for why people divorce more often now than they have ever before. One reason is that people are lacking responsibility and […]

Can Waiting To Marry Increase Odds of Success

We all know that marriage statistics are not good these days. Most people prefer to cohabitate or engage in relationships without definitive boundaries. When couples enter into a binding union, it seems that things go array for many. However, studies show that women who wait to marry seem to stay married longer, and they often […]

Nine9’s Top Tips

Nine9 is a unique company that does what no other kind of agency in the world of acting offer. Nine9 is a mixture of a marketing service and a complete training program. They have an incredible list of talent specialists on their team who will work with you on all areas of your career to […]