Citadel: Moving forward through the plunge

Who knew a Harvard dorm room would become the home to a future billionaire. As a freshman, Ken Griffin began investing in 1986. A Forbes magazine inspired him to take the lead on his future and he shook hands with the idea. In 1987, he received $265,000 from family and friends and started a hedge […]

Focused on Clients

There are too many corporations that just do not care about the clients that they are working for. There are too many corporations that do not focus on their clients or their needs. I think that every corporation needs to be working to put their clients first, and that every corporation should be giving their […]

Finance with Brian Bonar

Finance is one of the most important parts of running a successful business. Without a firm grasp on the finances of a company, there is no way that a business leader can properly manage a company. For those that do not understand the more complex aspect of finance, there are several key things to keep […]

BRL Trust and their Top-Rated Fiduciary Services

Investing, seeking financial guidance or services in Brazil can be tricky if a prospective client is new to the field and doesn’t know the jargon. Just dealing with anything financial can be a daunting task for anyone to undertake, and BRL Trust is a great multinational firm to retain for a variety of features and […]

Wise Capital Management and Investment Accounting

Possession of basic accounting skills is incontrovertibly imperative for every entrepreneur. Likewise, adequate personal investing knowledge is essential to all entrepreneurs. The basic education for new investors usually includes the necessity to possess a diversified collection of investments that are aimed on a steady long-term growth. Apparently, entrepreneurs are a rare species of people who […]

Making the Right Investments: Timing is Everything

According to today’s most successful financial advisors and investors, entering the stock market is very similar to a cowboy trying to ride a bull. Some days it may go better than expected, while other days may be much more difficult. Nevertheless, those who are starting out as investors would do well to use some down-home […]