Brian Bonar, The MasterMind Behind ITEC

The financial world requires a keen eye for strategy to be successful, a trait that Brian Bonar has brought to Imaging Techniques when he took over as CEO. Growing a business such as this one demands a steady flow of customers, requiring either steady marketing to new clientele or the acquisition of a company that […]

UK Residents Start Taking Advantage of FreedomPop

We have entered a glorious day and age for free and low cost cell coverage. This includes data and texting, of course. The Mobile Virtual Network Operator, FreedomPop has widened its range to cover residents in United Kingdom. They are able to purchase large bundles of mobile internet and cell packages in order to give […]

The Career Life of Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is an NBA team owner and an established businessman. He is also known for his philanthropic works that have helped many people especially the underprivileged members of the society. His successful business ventures enabled him to acquire the Atlanta Hawks in 2004. The acquisition also included Philips Arena, a stadium that the NBA […]

Dallas Medical Businesses for Optimum Health

Dallas Texas features many medical venues to help patients feel their best. From plastic surgery to spine health, Dallas has many different types of medical professionals to meet the needs of all clients. A person may wish to explore the many medical plazas that cover this major city. Medical plazas are very beneficial to patients […]

Brazilian Lawyers Taking Law to Greater Heights

Brazil is a very fascinating country with a mixture of cultures. It attained its independence from Portugal in the year 1822. Brazil is known for its unique way of teaming up with law schools. For students to be admitted to the law school, high school graduate students shall pass an examination called vestibular which is […]

Houston Real Estate Open for Good

Growing populations, aesthetic appeal, safety standards and promising futures are only the tip of Houston, Texas’ real estate iceberg. Mix in residential gusto with commercial attractions like retail stores, restaurants, progressive grocery markets; then, witness how creatively this town knows its way around some hardy real estate revenue. Houston, an ever-evolving city where the oil […]


Marc Sparks has been recognized as a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist. He is a Dallas based entrepreneur who has motivated and inspired many people due to his success. His image appears when one searches serial entrepreneur in the dictionary. This for a start is a clear indication of his outrageous success. Marc graduated from […]

Kenneth Griffin’s Profound Business Success Leads To Community

Involvement Leading hedge fund management company, Citadel, is in the game to provide proprietary investment strategies to high profile individuals and major corporations worldwide. Following their launched in 1990, this extremely lucrative firm strives to the best extensive portfolio of financial solutions to a diverse group of clients. Moreover, Citadel’s comprehensive selection of investment products […]