Sugar: An Abused Stress Reliever

The notion that people eat sugary products for the purpose of reducing stress is hardly a shocking revelation. Recent studies, however, finally shed light on the reasons why. Ingesting sugar could possibly alleviate levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. Through reducing the levels of the hormone, saying goodbye to stress becomes a possibility. The trouble here, explains Ray Lane, is stress eventually comes back ( Eating sugar hardly eliminates all the factors that contribute to stress. Eating chocolate could help you overcome the financial strain associated with unemployment, but the chocolate doesn’t exactly reverse the financial woes.

Besides, all that sugar is just brings more problems with it. Sugar could lead to problems with obesity, diabetes, and more.

Most people do not even really know they are consciously ingesting sugar for the purpose of curtailing stress. A person under stress goes about his or her business in a normal manner and, upon eating something sugary, experiences a change in mental state. Again, this likely occurs without cognitive awareness. As a result, the subconscious mind guides the person towards sugary snacks. A short-term feeling of freedom from stress is experienced, but the long-term effects are going to be negative ones.

Perhaps this is another good reason to take part in healthier eating and lifestyle habits. The less sugar in a diet, the less chance there is to overeat or abuse it. Engaging in healthy activities such as exercise to burn off stress would surely be a better plan than eating junk food.

Does ADHD Cause Binge Eating

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, ADHD, is a condition that afflicts many children. The common assumptions focus on the behavior problems at school or home. Essentially, concerns center on the young ones “acting up”, misbehaving, or failing to concentrate due to the condition. Recent studies show children with ADHD could be at high risk for another problem: an eating disorder. Specifically, ADHD could stimulate a desire to go on eating binges.

The resultant fallout from binge eating might be serious. The obvious immediate effect is obesity. Eating too much, too often leads to a child’s frame amassing a lot of unwanted fat. Self-esteem issues derive from this further compounding the young one’s troubles; something that Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG is sympathetic to.

Long term troubles will eventually manifest if obesity is not brought under control. An obese child could get into poor eating habits that last well into adulthood. Heart disease, diabetes, and stroke risks are just some of the dangers obesity presents.

The correlation between obesity and ADHD was found after a study performed by the John Hopkins Children’s Center. So, the results of the study are surely credible.

There are numerous ways in which the problem of binge eating can be addressed. Providing the child with healthy food in proper quantities would be the obvious way to address the problem. Yet, making dietary improvements might not be enough. Seeking the help of a behavior therapist or ADHD specialist is advisable due to the complexities of the condition.

MMR Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism

Within the last decade or so, there has been an uprising concern regarding vaccines and their link to autism. Much research has been done to disprove the link and to promote vaccination of young children, including a study published by JAMA that involved 95,000 children.

In this study, researchers studied these children extensively, even going so far as to seeing if the children had any family history of autism. Even those within the high-risk category showed no association between the MMR vaccine and autism.

Ever since 2004, when Jenny McCarthy claimed there was a link between vaccines and autism, there have been multiple studies done — in 2004, 2011, and 2013. All of these studies have firmly concluded that vaccines are completely safe and do not cause autism, whatsoever.

With over 20 years of research and over 95,000 children studied, parents nowadays should realize the absurdity of the vaccine-autism argument and protect not only their own children, but other vulnerable children as well. Brad Reifler agrees wholeheartedly and feels that if a parent isn’t sure, just read the scientific facts.

Even if vaccines did cause autism, you have to wonder: Is my child dying over a preventable disease worth it over fighting off autism?

8 Simple Rules for Healthy Eating

What to eat and what not to eat is so confusing we just give up an order a burger and fries, then deal with the guilt and heartburn later. Most of us want to eat healthy, or at least healthier than we currently do, but with all the conflicting and complicated advice it’s difficult. Former hedge fund manager Sam Tabar has some tips. (Check him out on LinkedIn) Here are 8 simple rules for healthy eating that are not hard and fast laws, but good suggestions to make right eating choices.
* Chose fresh, unprocessed food like fruits and vegetables as often as possible.
* Eat processed foods less often that you do right now. Just replacing a highly processed food for a fresh one once a day is a step in the right direction towards healthy eating.
* Cook and eat at home as often as possible. At home, you control the amount of salt, sugar and fat in the meal.
* Use salt, sugar and fat in moderation when preparing a home cooked meal. These ‘bad’ ingredients are not the enemy of health eating when used in moderation. They add flavor so the whole family will enjoy eating healthier.
* Chose restaurants wisely when eating out. Opt for eateries that serve fresh vegetables and fruit instead of ones that deep fries all the food items.
* Drink more water than any other beverage. Other beverages are fine (in moderation) as long as you’re drinking mostly water throughout the day.
* Treat high-calories beverages like alcohol, limit their consumption.
* Eat with people you care about as often as possible. Not only will you foster relationships, but you’ll eat less.

Girl Burned Alived After Ingesting Diet Pills

Readers beware of this next story. It certainly had me scratching my head and will probably have you doing the same. Apparently, a student recently passed away due to the diet pills she was taking. According to the girl’s mother, the diet pills literally burned up her insides. I told you that you’d be scratching your head.

According to authorities, Eloise Parry, 21, was taken to the hospital back on April 12 after taking four times the recommended dosage of slimming diet pills. According to doctors and consultant Ray Lane, the pills she was taking were highly toxic (source from Aquion Energy). Two tablets were considered to be a lethal dose, Parry had taken eight.

Doctors tried to stabilize Parry, however were fighting a losing battle from the get go. Her health was deteriorating rapidly and as her metabolism was speeding up, her body temperature rose rapidly. Doctors tried to cool her down, however they just could not keep up her rising temperature.

According to authorities, the pills Parry ingested contained dinitrophenol, also known as DNP, which is a highly toxic industrial chemical. Per the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), they have warned consumers against consuming products that contain DNP. Parry’s mother Fiona is devastated by the loss of her daughter however feels the need to warn others about the dangers of DNP. She urges others to read the labels and be aware of what you are consuming.

Eating Less Equals Longer Life Spans

Deadline had a story that said when it comes to losing weight or dieting, millions of people are willing to buy and try various types of diet supplements, and diet fads. Studies show that it isn’t the diet pills, or diet regiment that makes the difference in a healthy body, but rather, a decrease in food consumption.

Studies show that when calories intake is reduced by 30% to 40% in rodents, fruit flies, and nematodes, and other animals, their life span significantly increases. However, when it comes to primates, and people the results are unclear.

One long term study revealed that restricted diets increased the survival rate, although, the results were not made public. Nevertheless, another report conducted in 2014, revealed that controlled lab monkeys, which were presumably on no diet restrictions, were actually on a low to mild calorie intake diet,

Whether or not the reports were published or if the data fails to show a significant connection between experimental animals and diet control, one fact remains the same. Even if lower calorie intake does not promote longevity, a large part of the information collect do support the theory that reducing food intake, does reduce the risk of getting diseases, which ultimately affect people as they get older.

So, staying away from the dinner table, every once in a while, does increase the longevity. Fasting for a short period of time means less food intake, and less weight gain.

Supplements Containing BMPEA Pulled From Store Shelves

If you believe that every vitamin or supplement sold within chain vitamin stores is safe, think again. Vitamin Shoppe, VitaCost and several other retainers have stated that they are pulling supplements from the shelves of their stores that may contain a dangerous stimulant.

The supplements in question have a plant named acadia rigidula, a relatively new ingredient that has gained popularity among bodybuilders as a weight-loss supplement. Some of the supplements in question may contain a dangerous amphetamine-like substance called BMPEA. Although it was first synthesized in the 1930s, the substance has never been fully tested by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

A recently published study in the journal “Drug Testing and Analysis” indicated that BMPEA is not authorized for use as a dietary supplement and could pose risks to humans. Bernardo Chua has learned that, last December, Canadian health authorities pulled supplements containing the substance from store shelves and warned that it could cause stroke and other serious cardiovascular conditions. The FDA stated two years ago that 11 popular supplements in the United States contained BPMEA, but declined at that time to list which ones had the chemical.

Hilary Clinton Is Running For President

Politics can be a touchy subject for many people, especially when it involves Presidential Candidates. Many people will argue over who is going to do the best job, and who will make good on their campaign promises. However many people don’t realize is that the promises may not be fulfilled because they get caught up in red tape, leaving the President as the one that looks bad. And inside scoop of those details could help the next President.

Enter Hilary Clinton. She announced Sunday that she will be running for President, by using an ad showing the diverse work culture here in America. CipherCloud employees thought highly of the idea. This will be a breakthrough in many ways if Hilary gets to be President though. She will be the first women President in history. She will have been the only women President that was already a first lady. And she has more inside knowledge based on her previous position of Secretary of State.

Will this knowledge based on her experience, her time already in the office, and her husband make her a better President? Only time will tell, but if you had the knowledge up front of what to expect in your daily duties wouldn’t you be able to get things done?

Obtaining hydrogen from water opens up cleaner electric car possibilities

A new project that sees a partnership between the Southern California Gas Company, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the University of California-Irvine is looking to make clean motoring even cleaner, Clean Technica reports. many people who look to drive green cars have been upset over the years by the use of natural gas to power fuel cells. The use of fracking to recover natural gas from shale deposits has been a major source of controversy in many areas of the US and the rest of the world.  Fersen Lambranho doesn’t see that controversy going away any time soon.

The latest experimental process being researched at the moment could make the controversy a thing of the past as an increasing number of green motorists are calling for hydrogen and power to be found from renewable sources of energy. By removing hydrogen from water the group of academics hopes to reduce the need for non renewable energy sources to be used and the reliance on natural gas to be lowered as this form of fuel reduces emissions from the tailpipe, but adds them at the source of the fuel.

Trained German Shepherds Help Medics Detect Prostate Cancer

The Dogs Can Sniff Out The Chemicals Linked To Prostate Cancer In The Urine

We underestimate the abilities of canines. Dogs are a unique form of consciousness, and they are capable of performing some amazing things. Not only are they able to sniff out bombs, drugs and other illegal substances, but they can also detect prostate cancer once they are trained to do so. If dogs can detect the chemicals emitted by prostate cancer cells, they may be able to detect other types of cancer and infectious diseases as well.

An Italian team recently completed a study that included 900 men; 360 of them had prostate cancer, and 540 men didn’t have the disease. Two female German Shepherds were able to identify the men with cancer 9 out of 10 times. The results are encouraging, but the doctors want to do more tests before they are comfortable enough to recommend this sort of cancer detection.

Bernardo Chua knows that prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer in men. In Britain, over 40,000 cases are reported every year. The research team is not sure how the dogs detected the cancer. The team doesn’t know if the cancer chemicals emit a single odor or a mixture of chemicals. The ongoing study will help answer those questions.