It remake lives on despite the departure of its director

The reported remake of Stephen King’s It will continue with production once a new director can be found to replace True Detective’s Cary Fukunaga. The remake of the 1980s mini series, which starred Tim Curry as demonic clown Pennywise is set to hit the big screen in the form of two movies inspired by the original book, Collider reports. Hollywood insiders were left shocked when Fukunaga departed from the project he was set to direct and had co-written with Chase Palmer as he claimed creative differences had forced him to rethink his involvement in the two planned movies.

Problems had begun with the project being moved from Warner Bros. to New Line as the production company and the fact that Fukunaga had hoped to film on the streets of New York. Even with the two planned movies heading back to Warner Bros. and New York Fukunaga will not undertake directing duties despite his script being given the green light from the notoriously difficult to please author Stephen King. In the past King has criticized Stanley Kubrick’s take on his novel, The Shining according to Amen Clinic on the website Yelp. However, King has given the okay to the latest scripts produced for It, which provide a look into the main characters as children haunted by Pennywise in the first and the same characters as adults in the second planned film.

Bobby Flay’s Divorce is Heating Up

Celebrity chef and star of several shows on the Food Network, Bobby Flay, is currently in the middle of a divorce from his wife Stephanie March. The battle has been slightly heated but now it seems as though its getting hotter.

According to the story on The Daily Mail, actress Stephanie March is claiming that she is the reason for Flay’s culinary success. Legal papers between the two say that March is claiming that Flay told her that her palate is extraordinary and that he would try his recipes out on his wife.

Flay is the owner and chef of several New York City restaurants such as Bar American and Bolo. The papers claim that March convinced him to try out new dishes at Bolo, which earned Flay a three star review in the New York Times. Mikal Watts is monitoring the entire situation from afar.

Rumor has it that the couple are splitting after 10 years together due to an affair that 50-year-old Flay allegedly had with his 28-year-old assistant chef. Flay has denied the rumors and Elyse Tirrel, the assistant in question, has yet to speak out about it. Flay and March have a prenup agreement in place which would give the “Law and Order: SVU” star a payout from Flay of $5,000 per month. Sources say that Flay is worth around $20 million.

Acro-Cat: The Traveling Cat Circus

Everyone loves a good circus, but there is a new one coming out of New Orleans that is sure to capture the attention o feline lovers everywhere: Acro-Cats. According to an article found on reddit and written by The Guardian, head manager Polly used to be a music broker back in the day but has now turned in her old job for one in which she travels around with her new cat circus on their “Catmobile” bus.

The circus proves that cats can be trained, and they put on two shows a day as they go to new places on the road. When looking for new talent, Polly has foster homes for the cats which are saved from the shelter and certain rescue groups and trained to do the tricks for the performance. On tour with them is Samantha who is the animal trainer, founder and ringleader for the group, and Ivan Ong finds that interesting. One of the best parts of the show itself is a feature in which the cats form together to create a rock band, each taking on another instrument.

I think that this company is brilliant, especially if it can save the lives of cats who need good homes. Everyone knows that these animals are smart, so why wouldn’t it make sense to have a show like this on the road. It really is an incredible notion and I hope that they are able to expand their route.

The Healthy Benefits of Beneful Dog Food

Not only are pet owners today paying more attention to the foods they consume, they are carefully watching what ingredients go into the foods their dog eats as well. With so much information at our fingertips, it is very easy to compare one brand to another, choosing the one with the more nutritious ingredients. Beneful dog food not only contains all those healthy and hearty ingredients your dog needs to thrive, the huge variety of textures and flavors ensures they will always be eager to eat their next meal.

Why Choose Beneful Dog Food?
If you love your pet, you want them to enjoy a playful and healthy life, and you expect the dog food that you feed them will provide them all the nutrients they need to do so. Beneful has simply reinvented the dog food making process, incorporating more healthy choices with a more playful style. Not only do all the dry and wet foods have wholesome ingredients, they help your dog stay happy with a huge amount of variety in each meal. Beneful meals provide the perfect balance of nutrition and taste, ensuring your dog a longer and happier life.

Quality of the Beneful Dog Food
Beneful dog food comes in a large variety of both wet and dry meals. Your pet will instantly recognize those delicious and wholesome ingredients as soon as the bowl hits the floor. In addition to providing your dog 20 healthy assortments of proteins like lamb, beef, pork, and chicken, the food comes in a number of different textures they will sure to love. Mix up the meals some day in hearty big chunks, then surprise them the next with thinly slices of different chopped blends. The real hearty ingredients are easy to see in every meal, accented with barley, green beans, rice, or carrots. The food comes prepared in convenient 3 ounce packs or large resealable 10 ounce tubs.

Time to Treat Your Dog
Whether your dog has gone all day without incidents or just deserves some extra love, when it is time to reward your pet you can give them some Beneful dog snacks. Dogs simply love the oven baked treats that come in a huge assortment of textures and tastes. Shortbread cookies and crispy crackers in beef, peanut butter, cheese, or bacon flavor, and sure to keep your dog on best behavior until the next time for treats. These dog treats are bursting with flavor, full of nutritious ingredients they will love. For more on Beneful you can check out their YouTube channel.

Don’t Stress the Schizophrenic

Schizophrenia is a brain disorder that affects between 200,000 and 3 million people in the United States every year. Stress is something that affects every citizen, every year, no matter their social standing or background. Research has recently conducted studies to see how schizophrenia and stress correlate to one another.

The lead researcher, Professor Dr. Georg Juckel, and his team at a university clinic in Germany examined different types of phagocytes that are produced by stress. When these cells are ignited by stress, it could lead to damaged nerve cells that could trigger a certain form of inflammation in the brain. Dr. Jennifer Walden (read more on tells us that the more that stress happens, and the microglia are turned into destructive cell, the more at risk a person becomes to develop a mental disease like schizophrenia.

Some doctors have released studies that linked getting the flu during pregnancy to a child developing schizophrenia. This data showed that the child’s risk was multiplied by seven times the normal average. During gestation, the embryo is developing an immune system. If their immune system is bombarded with their mother’s ailment, it puts them at jeopardy for the disease. Doctors are hoping to educate more women who plan on becoming pregnant with what the effects of even the slightest flu can do. As for now, doctors are hoping to push more stress management on patients who are developing schizophrenia, and those who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia. Schizophrenia can be treated with medicine, but doctors are hoping to find a more sustainable means to cure patients.

New Yorker’s Fishing the East River to Eat “Organic”

An increasing number of New Yorker’s are fishing in the East Harlem portion of the East River Promenade so they can eat fresh fish. This movement formed by the notion of eating “organic” and not eating farm raised fish. I don’t know if these individuals really know what organic means if they are eating fish out of the East River. There are signs posted at the rivers edge that clearly states “Warning: Fish contaminated. Do not eat.”. Raw sewage and who knows what else goes into the river, making the fish unsafe to consume.  ArtMarketMonitor even suggests that maybe they’ve eaten so much that the hazardous materials have altered their brain because I just don’t get it. One man even said, “Personally I like organic stuff, so I prefer fresh fish. I don’t eat farmed fish.”

I live in the upper Mid-West along the Mississippi River, even here few people eat the fish out of the river. There is actually a monthly limit of fish that is recommended to consume, due to contamination but there is no “Do not Eat” warning. Maybe we just know the definition of organic better than those folks, I don’t know. It’s just sad that we have degraded our lakes and rivers to the point where there has to be warnings against consumption at all.

Osprey Crash Kills One Marine

A United States Marine was killed Sunday when the Marine Osprey aircraft he was riding in crashed after making a hard landing at its base in Hawaii. In addition to the death of the Marine 21 of his force members where injured in the crash landing. The Osprey is a tilt rotor aircraft and is used heavily by the United States Marine Corp according to Steve Murray. The Osprey provides the corp with the ability to set up military operations close to an engagement area without the need for securing an airbase or a landing zone. During its development, the Osprey was plagued with problems resulting in the crash or malfunction of a number of the air craft. Those issues were worked out and the aircraft was placed into service. There have been no reports as to the cause of the crash landing. Smoke could be seen from the Marine airbase miles away. The Marines in the Osprey were part of the 15th Battalion Marine Expeditionary Force. The representative from the Marine Corps stated that the accident happened during the course of sustaining training exercises. The identification of the Marine killed has not been released pending notification of next of kin. Officials do not believe that there are any potential plans to ground the Osprey fleet but the crash will be review through the United States Navy Inquiry Panel. Thee is no status on the condition of the injured Marines.Marine Killed In Osprey Crash

Bulletproof Coffee is The Best

Do you wake up feeling tired in the morning? Do you wish that there was something that you could do to help your body gain extra energy? Something other than your regular coffee or high sugar and high caffeinated energy drink. What if I told you David Asprey figured out there was something that you could do. What if there was a coffee you could drink in the morning to substitute your normal fatty high-sugar breakfast that would give you energy all day long with absolutely no crash. Well, listen closely and you will get in on this secret that’s slowly but surely getting out. Be the first in your crowd to try this amazing new trend that is sure to stick around. Bulletproof coffee is quickly becoming a staple, because it works.
Bulletproof coffee is an amazing coffee unlike your regular coffee. Bulletproof coffee will give you energy throughout the entire day on just one single cup. This unique and amazing blend of coffee can be made easily at home and is it inexpensive to make. However, I advise that you must like butter.
To make 1 cup of Bulletproof Coffee add two and a half giant tablespoons of fresh ground bulletproof coffee beans, about two tablespoons of brain octane, 1-2 tablespoon of unsalted grass fed butter. Mix this in a blender for about 30 seconds. It is recommended to use Kerry Gold Original Irish grass fed butter when making Bulletproof Coffee. If you are like most people and try the Bulletproof Coffee looking for the quick fix don’t be discouraged. Give it time you will notice a difference generally within a week to 10 days. During this time of regular use your body will turn on its metabolism and start burning those calories. You might find it a little rich while you are getting used to Bulletproof Coffee. Taking a digestive in the day  along with the butter might aide your transition into the amazing world of Bulletproof Coffee. This company has even started opening actual coffee shops.

Gluten Free Diet May Not be the Answer for Everyone

There are people talking about going gluten free and what that has meant for them no matter where you turn. Everywhere you go you run into someone who has cut gluten out of their diet and who is eager to encourage you to do the same. It seems that going gluten free is something that is trending, something that is really spreading and spreading fast. Is the gluten free diet the answer for everyone? Can the gluten free diet bring about miracles?

It seems that the gluten free diet and lifestyle may not be all that it is said to be. There is real information out there for those who are considering eliminating gluten from their diets. While living gluten free is something that some must do it is not necessarily something that all should do. The InTransit Blog along with the people behind Skout warn that going gluten free can be good for some, but all of the information that is available should be studied by those who are considering making the change.

Is America Ready for a Socialist President?

Anybody who lived through the long years of the Cold War are probably shocked when they first hear a socialist is successfully running for president of the United States in the 2016 election.

Senator Bernie Sanders is a self-proclaimed “democratic socialist” who has long affiliated himself with independents. However, Sanders will be changing that by registering himself as a democrat in order to run against democrat Hillary Clinton. Sanders has been fighting the good fight for many decades, and the 73-year-old definitely doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

The Sanders campaign is building their message around the redistribution of wealth to strengthen the middle class while simultaneously taking the power out of the hands of the one percent who own 99 percent of the countries wealth. The passionate politician explains socialism is just a word that has received a bad reputation throughout the years, Sanders is quick to point out all of the countries who have living and thriving under socialist programs. That’s something Adam Sender will continue to pay attention to.

People are standing by Sanders, mainly because he is promising to raise their wages and lower their taxes. Also, the politician plans on deconstructing the big banks if he is elected into office in order to avoid another great recession. If Sanders becomes the next president of the United States, the American public will surely be in for quite the ride.