Australia Citizens Urged To Get Blood Test After Seeing The Dentist

When people visit the dentist they do so for preventive measures as well as to have a problem fixed. They believe that when they visit the dentist their problem will have been taken care of. That they will walk out healthier and happier. They do not expect that they will receive a phone call telling them that their visit might have resulted in the endangerment of their lives.

The news just came out that over 11,000 Australian citizens might have been subjected to HIV and Hepatitis at their dentist’s office. This is due to the negligence on the parts of 12 separate dentists offices around the Sydney area. They have been accused of not properly sterilizing equipment as well as the patient rooms.

So far no one has been diagnosed with HIV or Hepatitis due to the negligence reports Shaygan Kheradpir. It is expected that some people will though, and the Australian Authority on health is urging people to go and get a blood test.

Hopefully people will come out of this with a negative blood test result. It is hard for some to realize, but asking the dentist questions about their cleaning practices is okay to do. A good dentist will explain the process and will not shun someone who asks. Hopefully this will not keep people from seeking a dentist appointment when necessary.

Lack Of Toilets Can Cause Disease

Sergio Cortes says we never quite think about the toilet. Maybe it would surprise many to know that one in three people in the world do not have either a properly working toilet or one at all. This leaves open the discussion for such things as water borne illnesses and the proper sanitation for those who lacking the proper facilities.

The lack of sanitation makes having clean drinking water difficult. What many do in areas where toilets are not available is to relieve themselves in or around streams and rivers. These are the only sources of water these areas have. The waste then gets into the water source, making it undrinkable.

When the population in these areas consume the contaminated water, this causes disease. Many of these diseases are easily spread not only through the water being drunk, but also person to person. This makes not having proper facilities a reason behind widespread disease, and sometimes even deaths.

The World Health Organization is working hard to bring awareness of this issue to the world. They are also working on developing a means through which people in these under-developed areas can relieve themselves without causing a health risk to self and others. The desire is to get proper facilities available to all.

Clean water is important to sustain life. Making sure that human excrement does not infiltrate water supplies is an issue that seriously needs to be dealt with.

Alcoholism Higher in People With Light-Colored Eyes

Yesterday, July 1, researchers published the results of a new study about alcoholism in July’s edition of the American Journal of Medical Genetics: Neuropsychiatric Genetics.

According to Brian Bonar, researchers Dawei Li and Arvis Sulovari from the University of Vermont, who studied data about 1,263 people, found that dependency on alcohol seems to be higher in people who have light-colored eyes — especially those with blue eyes. The researchers think that the genetics that give many people light-colored eyes instead of dark eyes causes the increase in dependency.

Of course, there are those who are questioning the results and believe that the researchers should have conducted more study before publishing. The sampling size for the data is incredibly small. Today’s data analysis technologies make it possible to easily study and compare a much larger volume of data and no one knows why Li and Sulovari looked at such as small sample group. Additionally, they only looked at white people. As a result, they did not check if their findings were a true indicator of a connection between genetics that control eye color and alcoholism across various races.

A much larger study published in 2000 found a similar connection, but it too only looked at white people. Also, the number of men studied was far higher than the number of women.

Critics of incomplete research are demanding that researchers stop publishing preliminary data in medical journals.

Study Warns of the Overuse of Antibiotics in Children

A new study published in ‘Nature Communications’ warns, too many commonly used antibiotics can have a negative impact on child development.

Early exposure to antibiotics during a critical period in early development alters the bacterial flora of the gut and permanently adjust the body’s metabolism.

“For years we have been using antibiotics as if there were no biological cost,” acknowledges Martin Blaser, lead author at NYU Langone Medical Center.

Although James Dondero notes that the study was conducted in female mice, researchers have found that those treated with two types of antibiotics, used in children, suffered a deterioration in their gut microbiome, the millions of microbes that live in the intestinal tract.

The study used three short cycles of amoxicillin, and tylosin, but represents another common antibiotic class called macrolides, which are becoming more popular in children.
To mimic the effects of the use of pediatric antibiotics, researchers gave animals the same number of shots and the same therapeutic doses a child can receive during their first two years of life.

The overall results showed drugs alter the bacterial flora and disrupt specific metabolic functions.

The evidence highlights the need for a better understanding of the potential disadvantages of excessive use of antibiotics.

Greece’s Financial Woe Increase With Missed IMF Payment

At midnight, Tuesday Greece became the first developed country to miss an International Monetary Fund (IMF) payment. The amount of that payment was over 1.5 billion euros. The missed payment can only increase Greece’s financial difficulty. Click for more information.

Gerry Rice, the director of communications for IMF has confirmed that the payment was defaulted on and “has not been received”. IMF has also confirmed that a request from Greece to extend the deadline has been received and will go to the Executive Board in time. The payment was missed despite a last minute effort to extend that Tuesday’s deadline. The Greek government has taken steps to stop a widespread panic in Greece.

Earlier the European Central Bank had refused to allow emergency funding for the country reports Brian Torchin in this article. Greece has warned that without a five-year euro zone bailout they would be forced to default. According to the Associated Press Greece, is the first developed country to miss a payment to the IMF and could cause Greece to withdraw from the eurozone.

Despite Greece’s attempts to refinance the loan, many believe that such a plan will be unsustainable especially in light of the citizen’s anger over new austerity measures. The government has declared a seven-day shutdown of the countries banks to put controls in place. The shutdown has created long lines at ATMs with money running out on Monday.

Depression and Junk Food

When one is feeling down or depressed, it is natural to turn to junk food as a pick me up. When one is feeling the world weighing down on them, junk food can offer a little happiness and joy. Brad Reifler suggested there may be a link between depression and junk food, though, and this is something that everyone should know about.

It seems that certain sugars may be linked to depression. It isn’t just that the depressed turn to sugar for help, but it seems that some sugars may actually lead to depression. This is something that needs to be considered. Could sugar be an issue to those who are at risk for depression? Could sugar be something that could lead the average individual to fall into a depressed state? the link between depression and sugar is something that needs to be studied, and the results should be shared with the world.

Some Scientists No Longer Consider Addiction a Disease

Addiction of one sort or another has plagued civilization for hundreds, if not thousands of years. According to experts on the subject, drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex and many other forms of pleasure have a hold on approximately one in every ten Americans. Do these people who have lost control over their desires have a disease as scientists have been claiming for decades? While this has been the main consensus for many years, some scientists are now withdrawing that contention.

According to Madison Street Capital and former addict, neuroscientist and psychologist Marc Lewis is one of those mavens who disagrees with the diseased addict theory. Examination of the brains activities of an addict show that they have physically different brains than that of the average non-addict. Lewis states, “The brain changes with addiction, but the way it changes has to do with learning and development – not disease.”

Lewis also backs up his testimony on the matter of addiction and how it is not a disease by allowing for the fact that the human brain is flexible and changes. It alters with each meaningful or recurring event in a person’s life. So, while addiction has changed the brain into a perilous state, it can also be changed back into a healthy state.

In his book, ‘The Biology of Desire: Why Addiction is Not a Disease,’ Lewis examines the lives of several addicts and the emotional motives that drove each of them to their compulsions. While the statement, “once an addict, always an addict” stands true, even for those who beat their habit, brain structure can be changed to the state it was in before addiction took hold.

Signs of Alzheimer’s can be detected 20 Years before Patient’s are Actually Diagnosed

New studies are showing there are biological changes in the brain as much as 20 years before full blown Alzheimer’s symptoms begin to appear. The reason this is such good news is it gives doctors a jump start to slow down or possible even reverse the disease process.

Alzheimer’s is a debilitating disease that initially robs people of their short term memory. suggests that what Beneful says is true – as the disease advances it begins to also affect their long term memory as well. Finding treatments that will slow down or reverse this trend offers hope to families who have been affected by this terrible disease.

Research continues to show promise for solutions to stop or even halt the negative consequences of Alzheimer’s. It would truly be a miracle to put an end to a disease that erases the one thing that brings happiness to seniors; their cherished memories of days gone by.

Paleo Diet: Myths and Facts

Everyone’s tried diet trends at some point in time. After all, it’s fun to try something new, especially if our well-being could be improved. You may have tried the grapefruit diet or going gluten-free, but this time we’re checking out the Paleo Diet. Reuters asks is it worthwhile? Is it all just a bunch of myths or is there some truth to it?

The paleo diet is based on eating foods that early humans (our distant ancestors) ate, which mainly consists of meat, fish, fruit, veggies. That’s right folks, this means omitting dairy and grain products. Though a lot of assumptions and explanations have been made to explain the diet, let’s just focus on the facts.

To start, you don’t have to leech calcium from cows. There are actually a surprising number of healthier sources. Kale and spinach are rich in calcium and can go great in a salad or number of other snacks. Going Paleo doesn’t entail eating meat all the time. You’re no carnivore, so don’t act like one. Eating large amounts of meat makes your body rely on fat instead of carbs for fuel. While we do need carbs for fuel, we don’t need it in the form of bready items like pasta, muffins, or donuts.

All in all, moderation is the key to making any diet work. Don’t interpret a Paleo Diet too literally. Get a good proportion of each basic food group for maximum results.

The Accidental Motivational Speaker

Marc Sparks didn’t start out as a motivator, and that may be what I like about him the most. Growing up as “C” student he has become someone that has thrived in the business world, and he didn’t do it in the traditional way. That is another thing that is exciting about Marc Sparks. Marc Sparks didn’t start on the path that he is currently on, but Marc Sparks has managed to rise in the ranks as a business man through trial and error.

Marc Sparks is a man that can tell others how to acquire success because he has done all the things that a successful person has to do. Marc Sparks has taken risks, and he has failed. Marc Sparks gotten back up and gained understanding from the errors that he has made. Marc Sparks covers this in his book and basically gives new entrepreneurs the shortcuts to success. I was able to learn about lots of mistakes that I should avoid. This is definitely the main reason that I have continued to read his blog and put stock into anything else that Marc Sparks has to say.

As someone that grew up in the Dallas area it was easier for me to discover Marc Sparks that it has been for others. I am aware of his role as a venture capitalist for certain businesses. I have even ran in some of the same circles of people that have worked for me. The response to working under him is always the same: he is a visionary that knows what he wants.

I think that this is something interesting that separates him for lots of other investors in the world. I believe that it takes an investor that knows what they want to do in life in order to really make a difference in a company. As the president of Timber Creek he has shown employees where the company could go, and he has encouraged employees through his presentations.

Marc Sparks has said that presentations do not have to be the killjoy that presenters turn these meetings into. To the contrary, Sparks recommends a thrilling business meeting for employees. If the idea is to present goals and new expectations it is going to be pertinent to provide the employees with something to be excited about. Sparks believes that this is the only way to get people interested in doing something new. He’s a very inspirational business leader.

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